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  • Scope: Custom Bespoke Design | Web Development | CMS Admin Panel | Payment Gateway Integration
  • Technology: HTML, CSS, BootStrap, Laravel (php Framework)
  • Location: UAE


Mebashi, an electronics and home appliances brand, had a vision of creating websites for its brand. Pentacodes, with our expert team, helped the brand with their requirement and successfully created websites.


As a top brand in electronics and home appliances in UAE, Mebashi had been highly reputed in the region but needed an e-commerce website. Pentacodes took up this opportunity, and our team delivered a comprehensive solution that met their needs. After careful consideration, we created two websites; one for enquiries and one with full e-commerce functionality. The two websites would be designed to match the corporate branding of the business. These websites will allow Mebashi to tap into the online market, providing them with an increase in sales and a more streamlined administration process.




To achieve a consistent design across both websites, we utilize the same base design for both. This includes the same layout, colors, fonts, and navigation structure. However, to ensure that each website's content is unique and specific to its target audience, we have decided to utilize different images, banners, products, and functionalities for each website. Additionally, we have decided to use a single CMS admin panel to control both websites. This will allow easier management and updates of both sites from one central location.



The result was substantial by implementing a single CMS for two websites with different domains. Product upload and maintenance were cut into half the work. Additionally, the corporate website only takes enquiries, and orders can be done only through the e-commerce website. Overall, it is an excellent success for efficiency.


Pentacodes has successfully developed effective websites for Mebashi to showcase its brand and drive more traffic to its online store. This website was created with an intuitive, user-friendly design and cutting-edge technology to ensure that users have a positive experience while browsing the website. With this new website, Mebashi is poised to reach new customers and continue growing its business.