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web security services in dubai


Web security, just like its name, talks about the security of a web application or a website. It is also commonly known as cybersecurity. Securing a web platform involves several processes including detecting, preventing, and responding to cyber threats. Safety is an important factor in every web-based business. For the same reason, websites or web applications are scanned for all possible threats and malware through various software.

Web security must be considered as a primary requirement or concern at the time of deployment itself rather than waiting for a breach to happen. The web-based solutions must be built in a way they are ready to face web security threats, hacks, and trojans. Web security is thus a way of mitigating the risks involved with a fully functioning web-based solution. This includes measures that are taken to protect the websites and web applications from being compromised.

Web security solutions are a system of safety measures and protocols that has the power to safeguard a website or a web application from being attacked.

web security services in uae


  • Quick Responses
  • Security and Customization
  • Ensuring High Availability
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Protecting Trust and Reputation
  • Protecting Data
web security services in dubai


In the general run of things, the internet is always exposed to vulnerabilities. Hackers and cybercriminals all around the world stay with their eyes wide open all the time to exploit these vulnerabilities. The basic need for web security starts here. Below are five major reasons for taking web security more seriously.

  • Security and Customization
  • Gets blacklisted
  • Affects revenue
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of sensitive customer information

When a website or web application is attacked, it automatically slows down the application or website causing inconvenience to its users. Pop-up messages, explicit ads, and unwanted delays are all results of this malware attack. Web security solution helps in improving the loading time of web-based platforms which in turn enhances its overall performance. Once an application or website is detected or accused of security threats, there are high chances of it getting banned or blacklisted from search engines and application stores. If not banned, the rating can get affected due to poor performance. Above all, if your site is not protected, your site visitors including your customers are also vulnerable to threats. The hackers can redirect your site visitor to your competitor's site or even steal sensitive data like credit card information or other transaction details from your customers. Web security also plays an important role in holding up the reputation of a business. Constant cyber attacks can bring down the reputation of a business retaining the customers and visitors from the website or the web application.  This is an intense issue that requires attention from a group of expert cybersecurity professionals.

Pentacodes IT Solutions is an IT firm that offers a wide range of services including web security services in Dubai, UAE. We are keen on providing the best web security solutions in Dubai to protect your web-based platforms from external threats. Considering all the companies delivering web security services in UAE, we are a firm with unrivalled global expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Our web security company in Dubai has an efficient team of certified cybersecurity professionals to handle all kinds of malware threats

web security services in dubai


  • Malware Protection
  • SSL Certificate
  • Web Server Security Optimization
  • Phishing Protection
  • Vulnarability Management
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Email Security
  • Cloud Securities