Value of Pecunia

Our mission

Potentia ad populum (lat.)

Our goal is above all to represent an environment within the crypto space which serves as a connection between blockchain technology and real-time investments. We want to make it possible for everyone who is interested to invest in funding pools for bigger deals and be able to share a part of the profits.

Marketing Strategy

Our 4 focus areas

Read detailed information about these key areas in our concept sheet

More Specific Audience Segmentation - Extra Effort in Education - More Reliance on Founder Reputation - Increased Community Engagement, Especially in Handling Crises

social endeavors


This parts main purpose is going to be the social aspect. We want to include “monthly” donations to a charitable organization. Our owner and Executive Chairman was adopted as a child himself. He knows how important it is as a kid in need to find a loving and caring family. This would not be the first time that he is involved in a charity to help kids. He was an ambassador for a European Kids Charity for many years before moving to the United States. Extending this charity aspect to the company means a lot to us.

How it Works


Our contract has a distinct buy and sell tax. The buy tax is set at 6%, of which 1% goes to charity and 2% goes to liquidity. While our initial sell tax was 16%, during our rebuild process, we will be increasing the sell tax to 30%. Our strategy is to aggressively build out liquidity. This sell tax will be applicable for 30 days and will be decreased each week after that.

Positive Price PressureAutomatic LP and Tax structure

Higher Tax charged when selling than when buying prevents big sell-offs and leads combined with automatic liquidity aggregation to a highly positive price pressure trading environment.

Self-sufficientTaxes charged and distributed in BNB

Company will never have to sell or give away PEC in order to finance marketing or projects, this leads to a self-sufficient environment which won't run out of steam because of lack of funds.

Secure Pool FundsUnderlying liquidity locked

All initially provided funds are locked away and cannot be removed


Executive team

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Marcel Miller
Founder & Owner
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Marc Schaumburg
coming soon
Alyona May
Charity & Operations-Manager
coming soon
Leon Wetzel
Executive Assistant & Marketing